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I'm joining in being thankful.  Check out Heavenly Homemakers for lots of thankfulness and great tips for cooking, cleaning, raising kids being a helpmeet, lots of great stuff!

I'm thankful for a wonderful family of friends that are great encouragers to me and my husband in his ministry as a youth pastor.  This family has three girls (12th grade, 10th grade and 7th grade) that are just amazing -- they are growing into/are wonderful young women of God and a great example to our little girl.  They also have volunteered their Tuesday evenings to babysit our little girl for a couple hours so my husband and I can have date night. 

When we go to pick our little girl up we end up spending another hour+ hanging out with this family and just talking and laughing.  We leave there feeling so encouraged in our marriage, in our ministry and as people.  What a blessing they are!
03/23/2010 4:06pm

That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

07/06/2010 10:28am

How SWEET!!!!


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