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The weather is getting warmer...snow is melting...mud is everywhere...Spring is coming to Minnesota!  It won't really be warm enough to trade out the winter clothes for the spring clothes for another month or more, but I'm still having fun sewing some fun spring/summer skirts.  I told my wonderful husband that I can tell that I'm sick of winter because I have a "bug" to sew...and to sew skirts, fun summery ones.

I've made three skirts so far.  I also made Ruthie a dress for her birthday -- it will probably still be too cold to where it on its own, but she can put a turtleneck on under it!  I also made a couple headbands out of an old t-shirt.

Since we will be moving soon, I'll start working on some new curtains and a new shower curtain.  I might even tackle finishing the two quilts I have started out of scraps and if I get those done, move onto a third quilt our of scraps. 

I love fabric and fabric stores and can find such good deals on fun fabrics so often that I have a bit of a fabric stash to use up.  So far I only bought fabric for Ruthie's dress and one skirt for me.  I don't plan to buy anymore until I've used up most of my stash!  We'll see how i

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