Living Simply

If you haven't started menu planning, I encourage you to try it this year.  It has made my life TONS easier!  My husband likes me to make meals that we know we like -- he is not into much experimentaion and doesn't mind repetition so our menu plan might look a bit boring to your family, but it works great for us!  The daily themes give me some creative room if need be, then I can try something new but still in the same theme.  I can also switch themes from one day to another during the week if I need to because of schedule or supplies on hand.

Breakfasts -- Oatmeal (sometimes I make baked oatmeal)
Lunches -- sandwiches and/or leftovers
Suppers -- Monday (Beef); Tuesday (Beans or Lentils); Wednesday (Chicken or Turkey); Thursday (Eggs); Friday (Pizza); Saturday (Pancakes or Waffles); Sunday (Eggs) 

To download our actual menu click here.

Remember, we don't eat nightshade (tomatoes, peppers, potatoes), so if you do then you have lots of other things you can add to your menu!                                 

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