Living Simply

There are so many kitchen gadgets, bowls, pots and pan, cookers, etc. out there a kitchen can quickly become a cluttered mess filled with rarely used specialty items.  The key to an uncluttered and easy to use kitchen is to determine what you really need and will use often.  I have a small kitchen and feel like I have plenty of space to store these items.

This is what I use often:
Pots, Pans and Baking Dishes
Small Sauce Pan (1 qt.)  with lid
Medium Sauce Pan (2 qt.) with lid
Large Sauce Pan (3 qt.) with lid
Large Stock Pot (I don't use this as often, it usually stores my daughter's toy food and pots and pans)
Muffin Pans (enough to make 24 muffins)
Stove Top Griddle
Bread Pans (2)
Cookie Sheets (2)
Bar Pan (cookie sheet with sides) (1)
15 inch skillet
12 inch skillet
5 inch skillet
9 x 13 cake pans (3) with lids
9 x 9 cake pans (2) with lids
2 qt. baking dishes (2) with lids
1 qt. baking dish (1) with lid
Kichen Appliances
Toaster Oven
Waffle Iron
Food Processor
Bread Machine
Crock Pot
Small Hand-held mixer
Kitchen Gadgets and Misc.
Large Mixing Bowl
Medium Mixing Bowl
Measuring Cups/Spoons
Can Opener
Vegetable Peeler
Wooden Spoons
Rubber Spatula (2 sizes)
Knives -- 2 paring, 2 other, 1 bread knife
Small Metal Spatula
Wire Wisk
Rolling pin
Cutting Boards (1 large, 1 small)

One thing I hope to add soon is a tortilla press.  I know you can make tortillas with a rolling pin, but I often don't because of the time it takes (especially with young children around), so this would be worth it to me.

I stick to stainless steal, stoneware, glass and cast iron for my pots/pans/baking dishes/etc. to avoid unwanted aluminum and other chemicals leaching into our foods.

What is in your kitchen that you use all the time and wouldn't be caught without?


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