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I'm joining in their GratiTuesday event!  Each Tuesday I will be sharing something that I'm thankful for.  Check out for lots more thankfulness!

I'm thankful for the warm spring-like weather that has graced Central Minnesota for the last week and looks to be sticking around for another week!  Even though it has been cloudy and rainy for the last week, it has been warm (in the 40's) and melting the piles of snow!  Maybe warm (in the 40's) and rain doesn't sound like spring to you, but here in Central Minnesota, it means spring!  And to be getting this weather in mid-March is even more amazing! 

This past Sunday, about half way through the worship service, I noticed the sun beginning to shine through the windows of the sancutuary!  What a blessing from God after a week of rain!  That afternoon my husband, little girl and I enjoyed a beauriful walk around our neighborhood -- we were out for over an hour!  What a joyous way to spend a Sunday afternoon -- enjoying each other's company and God's glorious creation!  Our little girl even enjoyed it; she walked for .7 of a mile (she'll be 2 in two weeks) chattering the whole way!

03/16/2010 2:13pm

Spring weather is definitely something to be grateful for! I love spring! :D


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