Living Simply

Eliminating chemicals is a bit tough to do, so we started with one thing at a time and once we "mastered" one thing, This was our first change.  Thanks to Lindsay at Passionate Homemaking for her great recipie that actually works!  Click Here for Lindsay's Recipie.  We've tweaked it a bit and really like it!  Here is our version:

2 parts coconut oil (softened/slightly melted)
1 part bees wax (melted)
1 part baking soda
1 part cornstarch (100% pure, now that I've used up all my cornstarch, I'll be buying arrowroot powder)
Mix together, spoon into an empty deoderant container, let cool to harden and use!

I usually make more than one container full and just save it in a glass jar to refill the deoderant container when needed.
As I've tried to make my lifestyle more healthy I've come to realize that in addition to changing our eating and cooking habits, I needed to change our personal hygine products to eliminate chemicals.  I also discovered that these "natural" and "green" products available at our local stores are often not "natural" or "green" and are expensive!  I've done some research, stumbled upon great ideas and experimented.  I'll be sharing what I've discovered and what is "cooking" in my kitchen for body care products. 
With the beauty and fun of the holidays also comes frigid weather (at least here in Central Minnesota!).  I'm always looking for a nice, warm beverage to sip.  Usually I drink caffine free teas -- antioxidant rich, low-cal, easy and inexpensive.  One of my favorites is Good Earth Original (Caffine Free). 

So, here is my amazingly easy Holiday Cider recipie:

Put in a large pot on the stove or in your crock pot:
1 gallon apple cider*
4 Good Earth Original tea bags

Heat until hot, let the tea bags steep for at least 20 minutes before serving, and serve!

* In a pinch you can also use apple juice made from two cans of frozen concentrate.