Living Simply

We all want to look "in style" and "put together" but we don't want to spend lots of money and time to do it.  We want to look "in style" but not "too trendy".  Here a are a few suggestions:

Take a close look at your current wardrobe:
     What do you wear a lot?
     What do you feel looks good on you?
     What general "style" do your favorite clothes have?
     What is your lifestyle -- what kind of clothes do you need?

Get rid of anything that doesn't fit, that you don't like to wear, or that you don't think you look good in.

Focus on stocking your closet with things that coordinate (mix-and-match) well.  Stick to classic styles and colors.  Make sure that you have something appropriate for every occasion -- funerals, weddings, job interviews, work, everyday, etc.

Make sure that you have the "extras" that you need to go everything -- underthings (the "right" bra), nylons, socks, shoes, belts, purses, jewelry.  Remember, you are going for basic/classic and multi-tasking.

Next, fill in your wadrobe with inexpensive extras -- trendy shirts, jewelry, purses.  These things you will be replacing every year or more -- make sure they are inexpensive and that you won't feel bad getting rid of them when they wear out (which they will do sooner since they are made more cheaply) or go out of style.


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