Living Simply

These are a few of our favorite things...

We just wanted to share with you some of our favorite things/products that make our lives simpler and more enjoyable:

Countryside Magazine
     A wonderful magazine that comes every-other month with great information about homesteading, gardening, raising
     animals, recipies, etc.
Bluegrass & Gospel Music
     Nothing will raise your spirits faster than the listening to (or playing) classic bluegrass.
     A great workout in a short amount of time.  And there is one in almost every neighborhood!  I focuses on strength
     training (which I won't do on my own) while giving you a great cardio workout.
     A handmade quilt is beautiful and functional and brings simple elegance to every home.
Children Desiring God
     A great resource for God-centerd curriculum for children and youth.


I love Crocs and this style is my favorite!  I found a pair in great shape at a garage sale for $1 but after owning them I'd gladly pay full price, they are worth it for the comfort and versitility.  Mine are black and they work great for around the house, running errands, taking a walk with the kids, working in the garden.  And the Mary Jane style is more "normal" shoe like than some of the other Croc styles while still being just as comfortable.

Charlie's Soap

A great all-natural laundry soap for all you washing needs.  It is hypoallergenic and residue free -- perfect for babies and others with sensitive skin (or noses), also great for cloth diapers.  And it is so inexpensive I use it for all our laundry.  I've been using it for over two years and have tried other "all-natural" laundry soaps and I keep returning to Charlie's Soap because nothing works as well, is so easy to use and is such a grwat value.